Annual Fundraising Dinner

Unity precedes victory

Fundraising Dinner 2022

We Grow Forest Foundation, in association with EV Expo, is arranging Fundraising Dinners & Awards at chosen venues in major cities. The event will allow all our partners, sponsors, supporters, volunteers, and team members to interact with each other, network, and renew their dedication to our ecosystem restoration mission.

Corporate Heads, Celebrities, Central and State Ministers, Bureaucrats, Policy Makers, NGOs, and leaders from various walks of life who possess a genuine green consciousness are expected to join the cause for better reach. It will be a memorable eco-friendly event with every aspect focused on showcasing sustainable living practices. The donations received during the event will be utilised for the sustainability projects of the nation-building activities.

Unity precedes victory

Venue and Date


04 Dec 2022


06 Dec 2022


09 Dec 2022


14 Dec 2022