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We imagine a world where all life forms and Nature co-exist, and people live sustainably with a green consciousness. With regular donations, you can help us run our projects and activities to help the planet flourish. Much needs to be done, from planting trees, preserving forests and restoring the environment, and we can do a lot together! We follow the United Nation’s SDGs and work towards a shared goal of making India carbon Neutral by 2070. Support us to continue the work for building a better tomorrow!

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Carbon Neutral Capital

Achieving Carbon Neutrality is our ultimate aim for this decade, and the choices we make, carry a greater impact on our future. Support our activities to measure, reduce, offset, and create carbon footprint awareness. Be a part of the fight against climate change and donate to offset your carbon footprint—support one of our carbon reduction projects. Donate and be a part of our carbon offsetting projects.

Green Voyage

To create a collective behavioural change towards sustainable development, We Grow Forest Foundation, in association with Environmental NGOs of India, is organising an all-India Green Mobility Campaign in Electric Vehicles, covering 4000+ Kilometers from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. The epic journey aims to create a new doorway to developing a sustainable nation. Green Voyage is the manifestation of a sustainable lifestyle, a stepping stone for a sustainable era. Donate to support the record-breaking project to promote eMobility.

Cleanup Drives

Our Oceans are getting saturated by waste dumps from land and rivers. A considerable portion of it comes back to the beaches and stays there. Littering is another menace we are fighting, along with the lack of sustainable infrastructure to curb the issues. Support our beach cleanup drives to get rid of the garbage, install bins, provide sustainable options for the local vendors, improve the beaches’ aesthetic value, and build a circular economy. The UNEP’s GPML Secretariat accredits our Beach Cleanup Drives. Donate to cleanup drives and build sustainable infrastructure for a clean planet.

10 Million Trees

We are on a mission to plant 10 million trees by 2030. It’s a significant number, but we know it can be achieved with your help. We’ll ensure that these forests survive for future generations. Support us in extending the greenery to restore the ecosystem. Your donations will help us to fund various planting projects across India. Donate to a build a Greener India.

Art of Awareness

We want to inspire others through artistic works like wall paintings and installations with our sustainability stories. We use eco-friendly paints and raw materials for installations, and each artwork will convey a message. The imperfections on the sidewalk are also an opportunity for artists to create beauty. Donate to Art of Awareness to continue our artistic work and strengthen community bonding.

Green Cities

Our Foundation collaborates with donors and volunteers to design and build urban green spaces called Green Charging Zones. The urban forestry projects reduce the effects of climate change, help people breathe, and improve the quality of life in cities. We’re just getting started, and every bit of help is welcome and appreciated. Donate to our planting projects.

1001 Inspiring Women Stories

Tales from Aatmanirbhar Bharat: IN THE COMPANY OF 1001 SPLENDID WOMEN is a collection of inspiring stories from different states in India. It’s a tribute to all the resilient women fighting their own battles. We Grow Forest Foundation presents you with a great collection of 1001 inspiring women’s stories in India. Support us to travel around, collect stories, conduct interviews, and collate awe-inspiring experiences from around our nation. Donate to materialise the dream project, In the Company of 1001 Splendid Women.

Sustainability Workshop

We conduct workshops for all age groups to educate on Sustainable Development Goals, forestry, carbon neutrality, responsible recycling, Zero-Waste drives, Green Events etc. Support us in building thriving communities, local businesses, public spaces, and most importantly, knowledgeable resources! Donate to conduct Sustainability Workshops for building resilient communities:

The Sound of Forest

We Grow Forest eMagazine features genuine environmental organisations, environmentalists, tree huggers and tree species through our platform to spread the idea of conservation. We, as a team, focus on promoting green reading for a sustainable environment. Support us in gathering environmental stories worldwide, inviting renowned and amateur authors, supporting eco-friendly businesses, and promoting local volunteering activities. Donate to help us increase the reach of our free magazine:

Legacy Giving

We all want to leave the world a better place for its future inhabitants. Leaving a gift in your will to help make cities greener can make a difference to the air they breathe, the water they drink, and their general health and well-being. Donate and be a part of the legacy that strengthens our bond with the Nature.

Donate on Milaap

We Grow Forest Foundation has been carrying out beach cleanup activities for nearly a year now. We’ve picked up, sorted, and made almost all types of waste items recycling-ready. We now understand the origin and reason for garbage accumulation on seasides and the danger it causes. Non-biodegradable, toxic, rotting, you name it, we’ve already picked it up.

Donate Monthly

Just as journeys are made one step at a time, the environment you live in can also improve from the regular, steady donations that contribute to the We Grow Forest Foundation’s mission and activities. Clean air, fresh water and thriving biodiversity don’t have boundaries. Be a monthly donor and support our day-to-day activities for a better planet: