Photography Contest

Nature in beautiful frames

Photography; science or an art

We believe that it is a form of both science and art. Because capturing images at the exact instant they occur solidifies that moment in a visual format, as it is likely may never happen or be replicated again. A true photographer knows about the art of photography. He is always prepared for these moments and is ready to achieve the best possible shot with the camera in hand. Partaking in photography competitions organised by We Grow Forest Foundation is not solely reserved for professionals but for people from every walk of life. 

We believe that there is a hidden photographer in everyone. Participating in the We Grow Forest Photographer of the Year Award is one of the best ways for photographers worldwide to get recognition and benchmark their work against peers from around the globe. These competitions help you find yourself gradually building up a portfolio and acknowledging your own unique style.

Nature in beautiful frames

Annual Photography Contest

We Grow Forest Foundation recognises the photographers’ hard work and celebrate photographers’ day. The Annual Photography Contest organised on world photography day, We Grow Forest Photographer of the Year Award, is given to recognise, share and praise the photographers’ work online and offline,  giving them the exposure they need to develop their photography further.

Capture the moment and freeze the time, let it last forever!

Photography Award

Photographers of various levels can benefit from entering the We Grow Forest Photographer of the Year Award. As a photographer, you are getting an opportunity to showcase your work to the world. This competition also enables you to get a chance to view, learn and enjoy others work as well.

We Grow Forest Nature Photographer Award is open to both amateurs and professionals to participate. The entries consist of thought-provoking, eye-opening and stunning imagery. The competition receives hundreds of incredible submissions, the beauty of which can’t be described in words.

Beauty of Nature

We Grow Forest Foundation believes that we can show the beauty of nature worldwide by sharing the most outstanding photographs you create. When we learn to love nature, we also learn to protect her for future generations. Apart from winning the competition, you will also be able to support nature conservation through your photographs. The photographs you have taken will inspire many to take up and support nature building activities.

Photography Contest 2021

We Grow Forest Foundation congratulates all the winners of the 2021 edition. We received 167 fantastic pictures from 26 participants. WoW! We have selected few photographs and decided to make it a magazine.

Photography Contest 2022

We invite all professional and non-professional photographers, of all ages, from all over the world to join our contest.

Theme: Nature Photography (Monsoons, Trees, Wildlife, Landscape, Micro Photography)

  • The photographs must be authentic & without watermark
  • A picture can only be entered once
  • The picture must be sent in .jpeg/.jpg format, high quality
  • A participant can send up to 5 photographs
  • Participants must mention a full name & mobile number
  • Entries must be sent in before 18th August 2022

eMail your entries to

Photography Contest Prizes

INR 3000

One First Prize

INR 2000

Two Second Prizes

INR 1000

Three Third Prizes

Popularity Contest Rules

Top Three Photographs with highest likes on Instagram will win INR 1000

Take a Photo

Upload the photos on your Instagram

(Maximum of 5 pictures)

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Tag Photos @wegrowforest_

Tag 3 friends and invite them to the contest

Certificate of Participation 2022

A token of appreciation to recognise the great effort of each and every photographer participated. All the participants will be given a Participation Certificate for contesting in the competition.  As a nature organisation, we give eCertificates which is verifiable on our website. Your eCertificate will be available 24/7, tamper-proof, independently verifiable, and secure. The winners of We Grow Forest Foundation’s Second Annual Photography Contest 2022 will be announced on August 19th, 2022.