Women Circle

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We Grow Forest was founded by a sisterhood of women sharing an urge to recover nature and bring greenery into cities. Our passion inspired us to research and study afforestation methods and ways by which we can get like-minded people together. We want to embody the positive social and behavioural change that will inspire more women to come into the conservation sector and become successful entrepreneurs.


WC activities are designed to include women from all walks of life, and these also provide a more comprehensive platform for endorsing a sisterhood among the participants. Women Thoughts – Pep Talk (International Women’s Day 2022), Stand up and Walk (night walks in the city), and Day in Forest (exclusive for women) are a few of the activities we conducted this year.

She rises up

We majorly employ women in office and on-field to undertake the organisation’s activities. From nurturing an idea to birthing a new project, women play a vital role in making decisions regarding the organisation. We believe in equal wage for equal work; hence we dismantled the old system of persistent wage discrimination among the unorganised sector of daily wage workers by paying them equally.

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