Women Circle

Strength in Unity


Women Circle is created to rise as a safe, helpful and real discussion platform for authentic peer conversations. The idea is to ensure that women from every walk of life, area of expertise and skill can network in a secure and not so formal ecosystem. This platform will always keep empathy and kindness as a priority so as to be uplifting and supportive of each other. Women coming together can turn their words into action, re image themselves to collaborate and excel.

Strength in Unity


Women Circle activities are designed to include women from all walks of life and provide a more comprehensive platform for endorsing a sisterhood among the participants. Women Thoughts – Pep Talk (International Women’s Day 2022), Stand up and Walk (night walks in the city), and Day in Forest (exclusive for women) are a few of the activities we conducted this year.

She rises up

We employ women in office and on-field to undertake the organisation’s activities. From nurturing an idea to birthing a new project, women play a vital role in making organisational decisions. We believe in equal wage for equal work; hence we dismantled the old system of persistent wage discrimination among the unorganised sector of daily wage workers by paying them equally.