Our Story

We Grow Forest Foundation is a sisterhood of women hailing from diverse professional realms, unified by a common purpose to rejuvenate our natural world and infuse urban spaces with verdant life. Established as an environmental charity with a sweeping global vision, We Grow Forest Foundation is dedicated to underscoring the significance of ecological restoration. Our unwavering commitment extends to facilitating accessible avenues for both individuals and businesses to contribute to environmental conservation. Through our initiatives, we strive to foster a more robust climate, safeguard biodiversity, support reforestation endeavors, and advocate for sustainable lifestyles. All of this is achieved through the simple yet powerful act of tree planting.

We Grow Forest Profile

Here’s a sneak peek into We Grow Forest Foundation and its activities. Watch this video to learn more about us!


The operations of the We Grow Forest Foundation encompass ten essential verticals dedicated to restoring nature’s intrinsic balance. All the initiatives are regulated by a standardized code, aligned seamlessly with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Championing afforestation to enhance landscapes and nurture biodiversity


Cultivating carbon sinks and expert guidance for corporate carbon reduction


Minimizing paper and embracing technology to drive digital sustainability


Emotional wellness through the power of nature to heal stress


A network of support and empowerment for women from all walks of life


Empowering sustainable business leaders and ecosystem-friendly strategies


Educating the next generation to grow into caring custodians of the earth


Comprehensive source for everything related to the planet and sustainable living


Exploring forests, absorbing its history, and breathing life's essence with the wild


Using art as a megaphone to raise mass consciousness on pressing matters

Why us

Our commitment to environmental conservation isn’t just a motto, but a deeply ingrained way of life. What sets us apart is our resolute dedication to collaborative action. By forging partnerships with corporations, we seamlessly blend sustainable practices with business objectives, charting a course that simultaneously benefits both the natural world and industry.

Our approach is grounded in tangible impact, evident in our hands-on involvement in clean-up initiatives and tree planting campaigns. However, our endeavors don’t stop there. Through educational sessions and immersive nature treks, we ignite minds with inspiration, while our work with young people shapes the guardians of tomorrow.

Envisioning a paperless and sustainable future, we are not mere dreamers; we are architects of a flourishing reality. The essence of nature’s selflessness is widely acknowledged, with a single tree acting as a nucleus for a thriving ecosystem. At We Grow Forest Foundation, our focus revolves around creating resources and experiences that empower individuals to foster a deeper connection with nature and actively contribute to its conservation.

Incorporating an innovative mindset and an unwavering drive, we deliver tangible, enduring outcomes that benefit both humanity and the environment. As an NGO with a corporate-minded approach, We Grow Forest Foundation recognizes that people’s engagement is the cornerstone of meaningful sustainability within the realm of environmental preservation.


A Vision of Green Prosperity Balancing Progress with Preservation

Our vision at We Grow Forest Foundation is a world where nature and humanity harmonize in perfect balance. We envision a world where every individual is a guardian of biodiversity. We aspire to unite people globally, taking up the mantle of an environmental steward, uniting across borders and cultures for sustainable living. We go beyond conservation, creating a holistic impact through education, advocacy, and solutions. Forests evolve into vibrant centres of life and inspiration. Together with corporations, individuals, and governments, we envision a future where nature thrives. Our ultimate vision is a legacy of sustainability where nature and progress thrive hand in hand.

A Mission-Driven Journey

To Restore Nature's Glory

Our foremost mission is to lead the way in nature conservation and sustainability, advocating for protecting our planet’s invaluable resources.

Carbon Neutrality

We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint and attaining carbon neutrality, taking bold strides towards a climate-resilient future.

Nurturing Biodiversity

We strive to safeguard and enrich urban wildlife habitats by planting indigenous tree species and cultivating a nurturing environment for diverse life forms.

Sustainable Consulting

Our dedicated efforts extend to offering sustainable consulting services, aiding businesses in adopting eco-friendly practices that benefit both their bottom line and the environment.

Empowering People

We aim to rekindle the innate bond between humanity and nature through transformative biophilic sessions.

Digital Transformation

A key mission is promoting the digitalization of processes and behaviors, harnessing technology’s potential to create sustainable change.

Behavioral Change

We’re on a mission to instill a behavioral shift, encouraging people to adopt eco-conscious choices in their daily lives, ensuring a greener future.

No-Print Culture

Our drive to promote a no-print culture aligns with our commitment to forest preservation, reducing deforestation and lowering carbon footprints.

Community Engagement

We’re dedicated to engaging communities in meaningful dialogue and collective action, fostering a shared commitment to environmental well-being.

Advocating Change

As environmental advocates, we’re unyielding in our pursuit of policy changes and societal shifts that amplify conservation efforts and sustainability.


A core mission is providing comprehensive education on ecological issues, empowering people with knowledge to make informed decisions.

Reforestation Pioneers

With a passion for reforestation, we are pioneers in planting and nurturing trees to restore ecosystems and combat climate change.

Collaborative Partnerships

Through strategic partnerships, we’re forging alliances with like-minded entities, amplifying our impact on a global scale.

Resource Stewardship

We’re committed to responsible resource management, ensuring the longevity of our natural assets for future generations.

Innovation and Research

Our mission includes fostering innovation and conducting research to develop sustainable solutions that address pressing environmental challenges.

Youth Empowerment

We’re empowering the youth to take charge of environmental leadership, equipping them with the skills and passion to drive change.

Green Technology

A pivotal mission is advocating for and adopting green technologies that drive sustainable development and minimize environmental impact.

Awareness Amplification

We’re dedicated to amplifying awareness about pressing environmental issues, motivating individuals and organizations to take action.

Ethical Practices

Our mission involves promoting ethical practices in every facet of our work, setting the standard for responsible environmental stewardship.

Eco-Tourism Advocacy

We’re advocates for responsible eco-tourism, encouraging travel that respects and preserves natural habitats and local cultures.

Advancing Sustainable Policies

We’re committed to influencing policy changes that reflect our vision for a sustainable and thriving planet.

Holistic Approach

Our mission is holistic, addressing not only ecological aspects but also social, economic, and cultural dimensions of sustainability.

Transparency and Accountability

Our mission includes maintaining transparency in all our actions and being accountable for the impact we make.

Global Reach

Our mission extends globally, forging connections across borders to foster a collective effort for a greener future.

Inspiring Action

Above all, our mission is to inspire action. We believe that each small step toward conservation and sustainability contributes to monumental change.