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Be a change through The Sea of Change

Clean Shoreline is a part of enhancing Thiruvananthapuram to be the Carbon Neutral Capital over a decade. The beaches of Kerala are an integral part of attracting more people in the State as part of tourism. The idea is to clean shorelines, create mangroves and create green zones to prevent coastal erosions and combat environmental issues. This will help in achieving Blue Flag Certification for the beaches in Kerala.

Be a change through The Sea of Change


Beach littering is a grave concern, contributing to land, water, and aesthetics decaying, negatively affecting the local community. Through this project, we aim to implement sustainable waste disposal, segregation, collection and recycling mechanism at Veli beach. The project also ensures the revitalisation of water bodies, the introduction of mangroves, and establishing a circular economy.

We Grow Forest Foundation is a member of the UNEP’s Global Partnership on Marine Litter (GPML) and also working toward achieving a Blue Flag status for the beach through the project.

Let us keep our shorelines clean

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The Clean Shoreline is a long-term project. The prime focus is to bring on a shift in the behaviour of the visitors, neighbouring inhabitants and the adjacent river pollutants to work with us for a sustainable solution. Interested can join us every second Saturday of the month. Keep checking our page for timings and other updates.

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Clean-Up Drive

April 08, 2023

03:00 PM - 06:30 PM